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Clinical educator role mapping

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Welcome to our new clinical educator  mapping tool.  The aim of the tool is to promote collaboration amongst trainers and educators in order to improve supervision in clinical practice. The tool provides  introductory information about how  educators,  trainers and supervisors are prepared for their roles in healthcare, as well as an overview comparing approaches to teaching and learning used in curriculum across the healthcare professions.  The tool allows users to search and compare roles, competency frameworks and qualifications needed to become a clinical teacher or educator as well as access an overview of approaches to teaching and learning used across the professions.

How to use the tool

To start using the tool simply select a role within a profession by ticking the relevant box at the top of the tool.  You can then click to reveal information against the following domains: a summary of the role, “Role”; qualifications needed, “Qualifications”; frameworks “Competency Frameworks” and any other relevant information the role, “Other”. Up to three roles can be selected and viewed at a time.  To de-select a role press the red cross symbol next to the role title.

The tool has been developed and informed by two separate studies commissioned by the Multiprofessional Faculty Development team; one which reviewed at the skills and competencies required to become an educator  across the healthcare professions and another, which examined  the approaches to teaching and learning used in undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum across the healthcare professions.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions

We are aware that developing a tool of this nature is challenging. While we have aimed to ensure that the information we have included is accurate and reflects current practice we welcome your comments, suggestions and recommendations for updating specific sections. We will endeavour to edit the tool based on your feedback.

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