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Professional Development Framework for Supervisors in London

Formal requirements for secondary care trainers working in medicine and dentistry in London

PLEASE NOTE: Formal GMC regulatory requirements commenced on 31 July 2016 and are now being fully enforced.

All named clinical and named educational supervisors working in London must be fully compliant with all 7 areas of the Professional Development Framework in continue to perform their roles as trainers from this date.

What is the Professional Development Framework?

The Professional Development Framework sets out mandatory developmental areas which both current and prospective named educational and named clinical supervisors in secondary care medicine and dentistry must be able to demonstrate training in. The demonstration of training in these areas can be achieved in a number of ways. The Framework is not a list of mandatory training courses.

Who does the Framework apply to?

The Framework applies to all current and prospective named educational and named clinical supervisors working in secondary care medicine and dentistry in London, but can also be used as a developmental guide for those with less formal roles in teaching. The Framework does does not formally apply to general pracitioners or primary care dentists (who are covered by separate arrangements) or nursing and allied health professionals. Nonetheless, educators from these groups may find the Framework to be a useful resource.

How does the Framework fit in with current and prospective GMC requirements?

The GMC is currently implementing a plan for the formal approval and recognition of trainers working in secondary care medicine. The contents and stipulations of the Framework are entirely consistent with current GMC plan.

What areas of development does the Framework cover?

The seven areas of development set out in the Framework are:

complete areas graphic

  1. Ensuring safe and effective patient care
  2. Establishing and maintaining an environment for learning
  3. Teaching and facilitating learning
  4. Enhancing learning though assessment
  5. Supporting and monitoring educational progress
  6. Guiding personal and professional development
  7. Continuing professional development as an educator

The Framework details a number of types of evidence which can be used to demonstrate training. Please refer to to the pages within the Framework which explain each area for further information

What resources are available to me?

Faculty Development offers both a number of courses and a suite of eLearning modules. We have mapped these resources to the Framework in order to aid you in deciding what training you need to undertake.

You should also consult your local Postgraduate Medical Education Department, at your Local Education Provider, and the Lead Provider for your specialty. Both of these organisations have a remit to provide training to their respective trainers and will be able to provide you with developmental opportunities locally.

You can map training you have undertaken using our mapping tool, which offers an overview of how topics covered by any given resource map onto the Framework.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the Framework then please do contact us at:

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